Free Hosting Control Panel for Nginx Server

nginx control panel

Nginx is a fast and low memory usage web / HTTP server software. Nginx is considered to be faster compared to Apache web server. There are lots of paid and free hosting control panel like cPanel available for Apache server, but there are only few Nginx supported hosting control.

What is Hosting Control Panel

Hosting control panel is a graphical web-based control panel that helps you quickly and easily install server softwares, manage your website, manage website files, manage email, manage database, create backups, restore websites etc.

Below I have listed few free hosting control panels that support Nginx

  1. Vesta Control Panel
    Vesta is a small and fast hosting control panel. It is free, open source, easy to use, install and configure. I got it installed and running in just 10-15 minutes only on a 2GB VPS.

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