How to transfer a cPanel account to new server via SSH

In this tutorial I will show you how we can transfer / restore a cPanel website using full cPanel backup from SSH.
Sometimes, cPanel to cPanel transfer may not work as expected. So, in this case you can manually create full cPanel backup, transfer to new server and restore on new server.

Step 1:

Create a full cPanel backup from cPanel >> Files >> Backup
Name of backup file will be something like backup-username.tar.gz

Step 2:

Upload the full cpanel backup file on new server in /home directory.
You can do server to server transfer from SSH using wget or scp command.

Step 3:

When you have uploaded the full cPabel backup file in /home directory of new server, login as root via SSH and run following command:

/scripts/restorepkg username

In above command, change username to your actual cPanel username which you are transferring.
It will take sometime to restore the account depending on size of the backup file.

You can also restore account from:

WHm Home >> Backup >> Restore a Full Backup/cpmove File

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