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    How to create zip file of a folder using SSH

    Step 1 Navigate to the directory where the folder is located. Let’s say we want to create zip file of following folder. /home/lophost/folder_name So, we will navigate to /home/lophost directory.
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    How To Create Database Backup from SSH

    Step 1: Login to your server via SSH as root user. Step 2 Use below command to create / export a database. mysqldump database_name > /backup/database_name.sql Where database_name -> The
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    List all domains on a cPanel server via SSH

    Step 1 Login to your server as root via SSH. Step 2 Enter below command to see list of all domains on your cPanel server. cat /etc/localdomains

    List all database on a Linux server

    Step 1: Login to server Login to your server as root via SSH. Step 2: Login in Mysql Server Enter below command to login in mysql server as root user.
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