Enable SSL login to DirectAdmin Control Panel


In this tutorial we will learn how to enable SSL login to DirectAdmin control panel. By default SSL login in not enabled.

If you try to access DirectAdmin login page with https, it will throw some error like:

This Site Cannot Be Reached

Follow below tutorial to enable SSL login to DirectAdmin control panel, like


Step 1: Login

Login to your DirectAdmin control panel as admin.

Step 2: File Editor

Navigate to:
System Info & Files >> File Editor

Step 3: Open DirectAdmin Configuration File

Click /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf to open DirectAdmin Configuration file.


Step 4: Enable SSL

Set value of SSL to 1 and save file.


Step 5: restart

Restart DirectAdmin and Apache. You can use below SSH commands to restart DirectAdmin and Apache

service directadmin restart
service httpd restart

You should now be able to access DirectAdmin login oage with https.


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