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You can check the centOS version installed on your dedicated server / VPS using any of the following SSH command.

cat /etc/*release*

cat /etc/redhat-release

cat /etc/centos-release


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You can check your dedicated server or VPS memory details using SSH command.

free –m

This command will show total memory installed, currently used memory, currently free memory and other details.


Another useful SSH command is ps to check memory usage. This command will show all running processes with RAM usage as a percent of total RAM:

ps aux


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Normal price of cPanel/WHM license for dedicated server is 25$ per month, while cPanel/WHM license for VPS is around 10$ per month.

So, what is difference between cPanel / WHM for dedicated server and cPanel / WHM for VPS??

Don’t be confused that VPS cPanel/WHM lacks few functionality. Both cPanel for VPS and dedicated server are functionally identical. VPS cPanel/WHM name is VPS Optimized and name of cPanel/WHM for dedicated server is Accelerated.

The only difference is that VPS Optimized is optimized for virtual environments.

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Top command in SSH is used to display top process using high CPU.

To exit from top, just press following key on your keyboard.


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