How to host a website without any control panel on a server

I will try to explain the tutorial step by step on a fresh VPS.

I just got a fresh VPS with only operating system installed. OS installed on my VPS is centos 6 64-bits. Below is details of my new VPS.

OS: centos 6 64-bits

Login to your VPS/server as root via SSH and follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Install Apache

My first step is to install Apache on my server. Run following command to install Apache on the VPS.

yum install httpd
service httpd start

For detailed instruction, please refer to this tutorial:
How to install Apache on a Linux Server

After installing Apache, VPS IP will show default Apache page.

Step 2: Upload HTML pages

Now upload your HTML pages in /var/www/html/ directory.
Your website is now running on your VPS. Address of your website is your VPS IP.

Step 3: Use a domain name

Now its time to use a domain name like for your website. This can be achieved using A-record. Create a A-Record and point it to your VPS IP. A-record can be created from domain control panel.

After creating A-record, wait for few hours for DNS propagation.

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