How to create and access email accounts in Vesta Control Panel


Vesta is a free and open source hosting control panel for Linux servers. In this tutorial I will explain you how to create an email account and access email accounts in vesta control panel.

How to create a new Email ID

Step 1: Login in Vestacp

Login into your vesta control panel as admin. Login url is


Replace SERVER-IP by your server IP. Example:


Step 2: Go to Mail page

Click on MAIL link located in header.

Step 3: Click Add Account

Click add account link of the domain of which you want to create email ID.

Step 4:

Suppose we want to create email ID
So, type info in Account field. And type password for your email ID in Password field and click Add button.

We have created new email ID

How to Access Email Account in Vesta Control Panel

Vesta control panel comes bundled with roundcube email client. To access your email account visit:

Replace by your website actual domain.

Your email ID is your username, like and password is that we set is step 4


After successful login, you should be able to access your email account.

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