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By default Apache loads lots of modules which probably you do not need. If you want to optimize Apache on your VPS / Dedicated server, you should consider disabling un-needed Apache modules. Disabling un-necessary modules will save lots of memory and optimize server. In this tutorial I will explain how to disable un-needed Apache modules on a CentOS / RedHat server / VPS.
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If Apache / HTTPS is using lots of memory on your server, here is how you can optimize Apache on your server / VPS.
Login as root in WHM and navigate to:

WHM Home >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Global Configuration

And change value of Max Connections Per Child. Default value of Max Connections Per Child is 10,000
You should reduce this value to 1000. This will greatly reduce memory usage by Apache on your server.

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This tutorial explains how you can optimize your cPanel powered website by compressing content.

How it work

Apache will automatically compress content when that content is requested by visitors. And will send compressed content to browser. Thus it will reduce load time and optimize your website. This feature is available in Apache 2.0 and later.

How to compress content on cPanel

Login in cPanel of your website and navigate to:

Home >> Software/Services >> Optimize Website

Here you can enable this feature. By default it is disabled.

Optimize Website is not in my cPanel

This features requires mod_deflate Ask your hosting provider to enable/ install mod_deflate on the server.

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