How to change or move MySQL /tmp directory

This tutorial explains how you can change or move MySQL /tmp directory to a new location on a server / VPS. Login as root to your server via SSH. Step 1: Open /etc/my.cnf file for editing nano /etc/my.cnf Step 2: Add below line under the [mysqld] section and save the file. tmpdir=/home/mysqltmp To save file […]

How to move MySQL directory to /home

By default all MySQL database on a server is saved in /var/lib/mysql directory. If you don’t have enough space left in /var directory or if its filling up quickly, you can move your MySQL directory to /home partition. Assuming you have enough space in /home partition, follow below steps to move MySQL to a new […]

Difference between cPanel for Dedicated Server and VPS

Normal price of cPanel/WHM license for dedicated server is 25$ per month, while cPanel/WHM license for VPS is around 10$ per month. So, what is difference between cPanel / WHM for dedicated server and cPanel / WHM for VPS?? Don’t be confused that VPS cPanel/WHM lacks few functionality. Both cPanel for VPS and dedicated server […]