RamNode 2GB KVPS VPS Review

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  • RamNode blame their own customers for their mistakes. Personal experience warning: Do not trust this business.

    I’m a former customer who left their service months ago, because they couldn’t provide what I needed, there was lag, poor customer service, spam, and my server was under attack by other servers in the warehouse which would drop my service and then actions it took to restore my server were way too slow, the service was very unreliable.

    The service they offered didn’t meet up to the actual expectations of what they advertise for me any way.

    So months after I discontinued the service they contacted me and are blaming me!!! for errors in their own servers, saying that my server was causing “panic” in their server warehouse.

    When I CUT OFF their services MONTHS AGO, I don’t own a server in their warehouse any more. (I never received an apology for the rudeness or for flaming me)

    Then they e-mailed me again about some non-sense and garbage as if I didn’t know what I was talking about, not only were they rude, their employees are poorly educated. (its not hard to figure out, that if someone is not paying you for a service and that it ended along time ago, they have nothing to do with your server issues 6 months later when I was with them for less than 1 month)

    Because then the error was found and guess what it wasn’t me, I had nothing to do with it, they we’re in the wrong, STILL no apology for being so incredibly rude to me.

    “The employee working for RamNode” didn’t even sign their name at the bottom of the e-mail.

    Some lessons RamNode should learn today.
    1. Don’t contact people who no longer use your service. PERIOD.
    2. Sign your name at the bottom of the e-mail, it makes you look like unprofessional if you don’t.
    3. Don’t use offensive language or be rude to past customers unless you want it to bite you back.
    4. You might want to learn to apologise when your wrong for blaming someone who dons’t even have a server on your warehouse which is the cause of all the chaos.
    5. I did warn them this was going on Social Media. Enjoy.
    And only then did they stop with the harassing e-mails.

    I ended my service on good terms, I had no contact with the company for months, and then all of a sudden I receive a threatening e-mail from RamNode. So now its ended on not so good terms.
    They are the biggest joke of a service provider.

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